3D Sand Printing Specialists

Fast turnaround for high tolerance 3D printed sand moulds & cores.

Printed Sand Solutions

Our centrally located UK facility utilises the latest 3D sand printing and 3D scanning technologies to create complex mould and core geometries from CAD data. This drastically reduces lead times and eliminates the need for conventional tooling.

Sand Printing

Find out more about our ExOne S-Max, mould & cores design and compatible casting materials.

3D Scanning

Find out how printed components can be quickly validated to ensure they are consistently accurate & high tolerance.


See examples of sand printed moulds & cores we have produced.

Fast Turnaround

Drastically reduce lead times, delivery in as little as 5 working days.

Economical & Scalable

Our print box size is suitable for both prototype & production volumes for many applications.

Design Freedom

Undercuts, DCT9 tolerance, complex one-piece core assembles are all possible.

Highly Compatible

Our furan based system is fully compatible with many conventional foundry processes and materials.

No Tooling Required

As well as reducing costs and lead time, multiple design configurations can be produced.

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